Vision and Mission

Company Vision
A company with a high reputation and producing bicycles with high value added which can fulfill the consumers needs with on time delivery, good quality as well as competitive in pricing.

Company Mission

  •  Selection on the appropriate positioning.
  • Lean manufacturing (Lean Production System).
  •  Quality Human Resource.
  • Continuous Improvement of Product/ Service   Quality  for Stakeholder.

Quality Policy

  • Keeping & improving the quality of products and services in terms of requirements standard / customers
  • On time product and services delivery
  • On time production with minimize quantity of defected products consequence of repair and rework process
  • Minimize the level of inventory effectively and efficiently
  • Minimize the wastage on material usage and energy resources in the work
  • Handling of human resources in a properly planned and effectively.
  • Driving and improving implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System effectively and continuously.

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